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Sara Husar

Sara Husar

Sara Husar is a Croatian runway& campaign model and finance MBA student, all while being a teacher for kindergarden children. She has been using Tiens products for two and a half years and she likes to call them “her body’s best friends in following a healthy lifestyle”.

“In order to be a model, you must look beautiful, but also work long hours while smiling and being energetic. This is not always easy. To be able to follow this rhythm of life, I introduced natural nutritional supplements to my body. Among the many competing brands offering nutritional supplements, it was difficult for me to find the right one. After many attempts to find the ideal brand, I succeeded. Tiens offers absolutely everything I need” Sara says.

“A day in my life is full of Tiens products, actually.. I get up around 6 a.m. and the first thing I do after washing and brushing my teeth is taking care of my skin. I clean my face with Celles Tiane Rose Toner and apply emulsion and cream before applying make-up. Then I drink a LMM tea that helps speed up my metabolism which is very slow and helps control my body weight. Before a healthy breakfast, I take a Beauty Duo capsule, one Collagen shot sachet and one Spirulina. Beauty Duo and Collagen bring up the radiance within my skin, while also improving the health of my nails and my hair. Spirulina is an excellent source of energy for my active days, while also providing the much needed iron for my immunity”

Sara explains further: “I’m used to taking one Vigor Shot sachet in order to boost my energy after lunchtime, while after each afternoon gym training I like drinking Fizzy Forte dissolved in a glass of water- it helps my muscles to relax after a hard workout.”

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