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Nikola Dedovic

Nikola Dedovic

Nikola Dedovic is part of the 2020 Olympic Gold winning Serbian water polo team. With a focused spirit and a winner mentality, Nikola chose Tiens in order to sustain and boost the body‘s natural strength - so crucial for every athlete.

“Energy and having a clean and well-working organism is very important for me” he says, “and I found a great help in the Tiens products”

“I’m currently starting my days with a Cordycafe- my small dose of energy- and continue with Vigor shot or Collagen shot” Nikola explains, “Underwater sports are not easy, they require a very strong body- and one of the main focus is on the articulations; Collagen maintains the health of the articulations and it sustains the body’s strength in the long run”

“My favorite Tiens product is actually Chitosan! It’s the best choice when it comes to professional athletes due to its doping-free certificate, while being also the best help for detox and cleansing the organism”

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