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Borna Mohac

Borna Mohac is a Croatian tennis player, winner of the title Miss Sport Croatia 2021. Her active lifestyle led her to finding perfect supplements and wellness products to support her pace, and therefore she chose Tiens.

“I consider that an active lifestyle requires some high-quality supplements, in order to support and boost the body’s functions” Borna says, “What works best for me when I’m tired is the Tiens Vigor Shot - it gives me just the boost I need to end a busy day with a success”

She continues: “Besides working as a tennis coach and working on my academic studies, I’m also a fashion model.

For this I like using daily the Collagen Glow Shot, which helps me maintain youthful appearance and.. of course, healthy joints”

“What wouldn’t I change in my routine? My morning Spirulina smoothie! It really nourishes my body and it became a regular part of my day by day life.”

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